Speed of Light, Parallel Universes and the “Try-Catch-Block”

The possibility of parallel universes hinted by modern physics is always fascinating to think about.

Needless to say, it is difficult to imagine a “parallel” universe ( If our universe has no limits, then how can there be another space-time in parallel ! )

We need an approach to put all these together in such a way that our analytical mind can make a meaning of such possibilities.

Now what if we keep aside the concept of space-time framework for some time, and bring in our very famous exception-handling methodology of java, we see that in concept, different universes can exist in parallel.
Let us have a look at the code snippet below.

if(entity.level == 3)
//(this is universe at 3rd higher level )
// space-time based on dC, the limiting speed for events in this universe
(like : E = m dC^2)

// — other rules
if(entity.level == 2)
//(universe at 2nd higher level)
// space-time based on pC,the limiting speed for events in this universe
like : (E = m pC2)
//– other rules
if(entity.level == 1)
//(Universe at our level)
// space-time rules based on c, speed of light.
// like  E = mc2)
// ... other rules of physics.
throw new ExceptionalEntityDetected(e);
throw new EntityAtTransit(e);

/*—- similar code for higher universes — */

What if each of us are inside one of these try blocks, following these rules in a seperate thread called our life ? what if at some point of time, we will move over to the next universe ?

Also such an approach can explain what happens to an object when it achieves speed faster than the speed of light (which is the limiting speed of our universe). Such a case is clearly an exception (as it doest not go well with physical laws at our level) the handling for which may exist at a higher level universe. So if one imagines that a traveler who moves at a speed higher than speed of light reaches another universe, well, may be he is very much correct ! :)

Einstien writing this java code (humour)

Einstien himself explaining this java code 😉

Interestingly, Hindu mythology also speaks of different universes with different time-spans for the entities in each of them (like
Manushya Loka, Pitru Loka, Deva Loka, Brahma Loka and the Timeless Vishnu Loka) .  Well, may be the ancient sages knew how to move between the “divine code blocks”…

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